With Daniel Krug and Ryan Patrick

Get to know Ryan and Daniel just a little bit. They’re two Firefighter/Paramedics who have a great time making fun of themselves while discussing in depth topics. They’re messed up in all the right ways. They talk about spirituality, quantum mechanics and self learning in a way you’ve never heard before. 



The magic of two idiots discussing quantum mechanics

These two men have spent a lifetime doing blue collar work. Ryan was a salvage diver and Daniel was a sniper in the military. Now, they’re both Firemen. They have struggled with loss, pain, PTSD and the human condition. Listen to them laugh and make fun of each other while they discuss the path to personal health and spirituality. 

What People Say

"Quite honestly, it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard."
John Doe
Imaginary Person
"I don't think that word means what you think it means."
Random Listener
“Stay away from me. Don't ever touch my stuff."
Person Who Wouldn't Love Us
"If ever there was a podcast that could make my ears bleed. this is it."
Rocky the Bandit
Hand Model
“I'm hungry. Is it dinner time?
Daniel's Daughter
"They don't know a single thing about quantum mechanics, physics or even how to be men. It's honestly scary."
Jenny From The Block
Street Puppeteer

Meet Your Hosts

While Daniel has been known to choke down quite a few burritos in his day, he also makes poor decisions. He’s loud, he’s goofy and he definitely loves everything life has to offer. 

He spent almost ten years deployed in a combat zone as a Sniper and a mercenary for various companies such as Blackwater USA and Triple Canopy. Nowadays, he kicks back and fights fire with the best of ’em. He’s also a working paramedic and enjoys having the opportunity to help others. Daniel has been through a lot, and with the help of his family and friends, he’s made it to the other side. 

He’s billed as the fastest man alive in some circles. He’s known to perform random acts of karate. He’s like a kite on a cloudless day. 

Ryan Patrick started his adult life by failing out of college. He went on to become a successful salvage diver doing some dangerous and heart wrenching work. As life progressed, Ryan found that being a paramedic and a firemen were the best fit for him. He’s a lover of life, a family man and adores having the chance to make things better for others. 

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